Thursday, March 08, 2012

Democrats "unenthusiastic" just like in 1996

The Tennessee Republican party is trying to spin away the great dissatisfaction with their nominee to be, Mitt Romney, by projecting some feelings on the Democratic base in Tennessee that just do not exist.  In a press release, the Republicans are claiming that “The only enthusiasm gap that exists in this Presidential election is with Democrat voters. The fact that more than 1 out of 10 Democrats took the time to go to the polls to reject having President Obama as their nominee, should be very troubling to the Obama campaign."

Right, just like in 1996, when Bill Clinton pulled 88.93% of the vote to 10.99% for "uncommitted". How did this "lack of enthusiasm" for Bill Clinton play out in the general election? Oh, yeah, he carried Tennessee with 48% of the vote to Dole's 45.6%. And, unlike Mittens, Dole actually won Tennessee with 51% of the vote.

Now, I'm not predicting an Obama victory in Tennessee, but based on the GOP's faulty logic, Tennessee should be ripe for the picking for President Obama given the historical comparisons.


Southern Beale said...

Who needs enthusiasm when the GOP can just turn people away from the voting booth?

alppuccino said...

Absolutely valid to compare Clinton and Obama as they pertain to Tennessee.

Southern Beale said...

Oh hey that's old. Democrats have found their enthusiasm.