Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why I Like Mike

Today is election day in Nashville and around Tennessee.  I know many of my Democratic friends in Nashville are going to be tempted to vote in the Republican primary for either the worst or the least worst option...don't.  While it may not be glamorous, we do have important local elections in Nashville, and one in particular is that of Metro Sessions judge.

I'm voting for Mike Jameson, and here's why.  Sometimes I vote for someone because I like him or her better than the alternative, in this case, with Judge Jameson, I've voting for him because I believe he is what other public officials should aspire to be.

I've been to a few of his events recently, and he's taken to telling a story about his first day on the job.  Jameson, being a politician, is conditioned that whenever you meet someone, you reach out your hand.  Now, in the world of judges, this isn't commonly done because, hell, you don't know where that hand has been or what is in there.  But Jameson did it his first time, and despite protestations from courthouse staff, he has continued to do it ever since because the first man whose hand he shook told him that he'd never had a judge do that before, and they made a human connection, however brief it may have been.

What I want in a judge is someone who will look at the person standing in front of them, not as a statistic or a case number, but as a person whose life will be impacted by their decision, and I want a judge who will take that responsibility seriously.

I don't know if Rachel Bell or Jack Byrd are those type of judges, they may be and my interactions with Rachel Bell indicate she's a good person who'd do a great job.  But I know Mike Jameson, I've considered him my representative in the council even when I didn't live in the district, I know him to be a good person with great principles, and we need those people in our courts and government offices.

So, resist the temptation to meddle in GOP affairs, and vote for Judge Mike Jameson in the Democratic primary.


Dave Rich said...

I know Mike well and we're extremely lucky to have him running to take a position on the General Sessions bench.

While the higher courts claim prestige from handling "bigger" or "matters of higher consequence," I can assure you from experience there are no harder working judges than those in General Sessions, and they have an incredible impact on our local community.

Mike Jameson is a hard-working, dedicated, and extremely intelligent lawyer and he'll make an even better jurist.

Sadly, its all too often I hear people openly complain, sometimes with great disdain, about their government and the people who are making decisions. Like you, I don't really know Jack Byrd or have had the opportunity to work with Rachel Bell - both attorneys in the community who enjoy excellent reputations with a great deal of support - so I have no doubt either would do an admirable job if elected.

As in many cases, an election is picking the best of field of capable candidates, and there is no person more capable or better-suited for the job of settling the cases and controversies of our community than Mike Jameson. Like I said, while much of the City may not realize it, we're very lucky to have him on the ballot.

Freddie O'Connell said...

Don't you mean it's the start of early voting? Election Day is March 6.

Southern Beale said...

I know many of my Democratic friends in Nashville are going to be tempted to vote in the Republican primary for either the worst or the least worst option...

Does anyone even DO that? That's ridiculous. It's not like enough people would actually want to throw their vote away to make a difference, anyway.

Sean Braisted said...

Yes, a lot of people do. You can look at the 2010 Primary and see a lot of Strong Democrats voting in the Republican primary.