Thursday, February 16, 2012

Petitions Pulled in 53

News of Sontany's desire not to run for re-election has inspired two women so far to pull petitions for the district.  One, a Republican, is Nikki Goeser, a gun advocate who has gone around the country arguing for looser restrictions on carry permits after her husband was killed in a bar.

Another, a Democrat, is Shannon Stoner, but I don't have any info on her yet.

On the State Senate side, three Democrats have pulled petitions for District 20.

James Baxter, a TSU History Professor and perennial candidate.

Kevin Doherty, lawyer and creator of, a political reform advocacy group.

and Richard Exton, a real estate appraiser who ran in 2007 for Council At-large.


Southern Beale said...

Oh I know Richard Exton. They go to our church. Good people.

Anonymous said...

Baxter has more money than sense. Larry Crim will be getting some revenue as a result.

Daniel said...

Nobody cares more about the rights on the individual than Nikki Goeser. Not just gun rights, all rights protected by the Constitution.