Friday, February 17, 2012

Jameson Wins Bar Poll

Judge Jameson has once again curried favor with his fellow Nashville Bar members who have overwhelmingly chosen him to be their candidate for the Democratic nomination in the March 6th election:

In results released by the Nashville Bar Association today, Judge Mike Jameson dominated the field in recommendations by his peers to remain on the bench. Judge Jameson, who currently presides over the General Sessions Division VIII court, was "highly recommended" five times as often as any other candidate and received the recommendation or high recommendation of almost 700 of the 1,062 attorneys contributing to the poll. 
"My service to Nashville has always been an honor, but no more so than today," Judge Jameson said. Judge Jameson's success in the NBA survey comes on the heels of a recent stream of endorsements from the Nashville Firefighters, the Neighborhood Defense Fund, the SEIU and the Central Labor Council. "Our local courts should be places within which the expertise of the law is matched with service to the the individual. On the bench, I've tried to balance the rights of individuals with the mandates of the law. Earning the support of so many attorneys, civil rights, labor and neighborhood groups confirms that aim."

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