Friday, February 10, 2012

Hate That For Ya

Update: Unfortunately, Lynn seems to have taken down this note from her Facebook page...more unfortunately, I did not print a copy before she did.

While its difficult for me to feign a large amount of sympathy for Rep. Susan Lynn, I find her story detailing the underhanded and spiteful nature of Mae Beavers' campaign tactics to be thoroughly enjoyable and so may you. Its quite lengthy, so I'll just give you the gist.  Basically, Mae Beavers "loaned" 50,000 to a newspaper editor during the same time said newspaper editor began lambasting her opponent over an ethics ethics issue that resulted from the filing of a complaint by the employee of Mae Beavers' finance chair.

Now, obviously this is a one-sided account coming from the second half of a bitter, bitter, did I mention bitter, rivalry between Beavers and Lynn...a rivalry that caused Beavers to drop out of a Mayor's race she was almost certain to win just to block Lynn from winning the State Sen. seat Beavers was vacating. But, still, it raises some interesting questions.  Not the least of which is, where did Beavers get that $50,000?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Lynn is just too pretty for Miss Mae (who has the BEST EVAH name in TN politics!)

Anonymous said...

Everyone seemingly chooses to ignore that the Senator's attorney is John Harris. A.k.a lobbyist for the Tennessee Firearms Association. Beavers: "keeping it cozy, until you don't pay."