Monday, February 13, 2012

Haslam Prefers His Own Do Nothing Approach to Health Care

Governor Haslam has signed on to an amicus brief presented by the Republican Governors asking the Supreme Court to invalidate the Affordable Care Act because they claim it would cost them too much to implement.

“The Obama administration’s approach is an unaffordable healthcare mandate that is a significant overstep of the federal government’s authority,” Haslam said.

“I’m committed to controlling health care costs and finding meaningful ways to improve the health of Tennesseans by encouraging healthy choices, personal responsibility and accountability. Forcing mandates on states and individuals is the wrong approach, and if Obamacare is implemented, healthcare costs will rise significantly, putting a serious strain on state budgets across this country.”
So, apparently, if the Obama administration were to have done nothing, health care costs would've magically stopped rising significantly? Because, I seem to remember there being a little problem with bloated health care inflation that necessitated action by the federal government in the first place.

Oh, but wait, Haslam has his own novel approach to encourage "healthy choices, personal responsibility and accountability." Could someone fill a brother in on what that is? Are we talking about their plans to protect negligent doctors from legal repercussions?


Southern Beale said...

Personal responsibility, riiiiight .... like, for women that would mean making sure you use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant, right? And now Republicans are trying to pass legislation allowing employers to drop contraception from insurance policies, and Ron Paul is sponsoring a bill that would allow states to ban birth control.

So women just have to get pregnant. And if you're not that healthy to begin with ... too bad!

I'm just thinking this "personal responsibility" crap never quite works out for us ladies.

JustWondrin said...

Bredesen signed into law the Tenn version of medical tort reform in 2008. Has anyone's insurance or health care costs gone down?
On contraceptives, they want to send us back to the days of barefoot and pregnant and under somebody's thumb. This is why we need single payer insurance. The employer shouldn't be providing insurance. That's one reason the US has trouble competing with other countries.
Maybe if all the women would just close their legs to these creeps and refuse to give anything up, these jerks would have a change of heart. Oh, what am I saying? They don't have hearts and are either onb Viagra or have mistresses, wo why would they care?

Anonymous said...

America Return
Choice of healthcare providers in the future will be for a select few. Hospitals are buying doctor practices so that they can control enrollees, contractual agreements that limit who is able to receive referrals and not to mention board selection is the future for citizens. Whatever happen to Starks Law or freedom of choice?

If you want to have a specialty practice and not affiliated selected hospital groups will not receive referrals. The days of working hard to make something out yourself are gone.

This is going on and know says anything? Not what you know but who you know, work at it's finest.